Explore the Mysteries of Kaali Meteorite Crater

KAALI Tavern & Hotel and Museum of Meteoritics

Kaali village on Saaremaa island, Estonia is known for its unique geological site with a group of nine meteorite craters, the biggest of which is open to visitors.

The KAALI Meteorite Museum together with KAALI Tavern & Hotel are located nearby, and offer a chance to learn more about meteorites while enjoying traditional Estonian food and drinks. KAALI Tavern offers a wonderful dining experience, freshly baked bread and souvenirs of Saaremaa. Take a 3 km detour off the Kuivastu – Kuressaare highway to find us!

Did you know that the KAALI meteorite field consists of 9 craters?

Saaremaa is a place like no other. Here, you feel like you’re in a different world – a ferry ride, the sea, junipers, and the mystical meteorite crater field in Kaali…